Cal State LA, Political Science and Philosophy

Monserrat Ramirez-Mendoza is an intern at the Institute and fifth-year student at Cal State LA pursuing a dual bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy. Currently, she is conducting research on the California gubernatorial candidates in preparation for the 2018 Governor’s Race.

Previously, as the Pre-Law Society’s Law Fair Chair (2014-2016) she organized Annual Law Fairs for prospective law school students to learn more about pursuing a Juris Doctorate. Inspired by her thirst for knowledge about the political process she hopes to acquire a Master’s degree in Public Policy program abroad followed by a Juris Doctorate degree in Constitutional Law. 

Ms. Ramirez adheres to the saying, “leave no trace behind” by volunteering with Trash Free Earth and Alleviate Skid Row, and is a Make Life Count Co. adventurer who enjoys the outdoors experience.

Annie Thach

Annie Thach is a student assistant at the Institute and a Biology and Microbiology undergraduate at Cal State LA. Fascinated by the complexity of life at a microscopic level, she is currently working on an honors thesis on the plasticity of stomatal traits in plant species across a latitudinal gradient. At the Institute, she assists in the creation, implementation, and daily management of PBI’s social media platforms and the preparation for events and projects. Working at the Institute opens her eyes to the complexity of life at another level, a macroscopic level of her community, and inspires her to learn how to be civically engaged and politically aware. She enjoys her free time hiking and traveling.

Vanessa Trissthain

Vanessa Trissthain is a student assistant at the Institute pursuing a bachelor of science in Microbiology and a minor in Mathematics. Her interest in biostatistics developed over her fondness of number crunching and the opportunity to turn data into meaningful knowledge. Inspired to learn more about biostatistics, she was accepted into the Summer Institute of Biostatistics at the University of Minnesota during Summer 2018 where she learned how to create study design for a protocol project on a trial to reduce inflammation in HIV. Since joining the Institute, Vanessa has helped organize candidate debates, assisted with event logistics, and managed document digitization. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her puppy and exploring new places.

Photos of our newest student staff members coming soon!