Sascha is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and marketing executive committed to civic engagement. As a long-standing member of PBI’s board of advisors, she’s delighted to extend her commitment to the institute during this time of transition.

Her more than 25 years in the film industry include a role as global marketing director for the motion picture division at Eastman Kodak. As part of the executive leadership team, Rice created a lasting impact by rebuilding the Kodak Scholarship for college students and forging strategic partnerships.

Her Emmy-nominated documentary California State of Mind garnered a Grand Jury Prize for Cinematic Vision, aired on public television nationally, and streamed on Netflix. Driven by a passion for social impact, she’s also worked to amplify underrepresented voices. She has produced multiple indie projects, including the short film Basurero by Filipino American writer/director Eileen Cabiling, the feature film Solace directed by groundbreaking filmmaker Tchaiko Omawale, and the web series Black Kung Fu Chick directed by Rae Shaw.

Rice also has designed and led initiatives like The Audience Awards’ first annual Women’s Film Challenge and R.O.W. (River of Wings), a public art installation of interactive kinetic sculptures aimed to bring awareness to LA River revitalization via giant bird sculptures personalized and reimagined by local schools, community groups, and artists. In her role as consulting producer for the Central Valley’s Big Tell, Rice has mentored filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and shepherded over eighty short documentaries to completion.

Rice has taught writing, led filmmaking workshops, and worked as a media consultant and book coach. She created the educational curriculum My California Now, authored The Story Cycle Method: A Practical Playbook for Writers and Dreamersand published a series of guided journals.

As the granddaughter of California’s former Governor Pat Brown, niece of former Governor Jerry Brown, and daughter of former State Treasurer Kathleen Brown, Rice is dedicated to continuing her family’s legacy of civic participation.