Public Policy and Research Program

The Public Policy and Research Program has stood for years as the Institute’s best-known activity.  The Public Policy and Research Program encompasses public policy forums, candidate and issue debates, the signature annual policy conference, and now our PBI/Cal State LA Poll.

Youth Leadership

The Pat Brown Institute invests in our youth, and in developing new leaders for our communities. Whether in high school or in college, PBI youth learn the skills of public policy, develop policy projects on a team basis, and serve internships in public and community-organizations, including at the Institute’s office. Our youth are very much a part of everything we do, playing key roles in our annual dinners, conferences, speaking series, and debates.


Civic University

The Civic University was incubated in 2013 on a small scale. In 2014, the Institute began a new program, the Civic University, a joint project of the Institute, Cal State LA, and the office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.  Evolving out of Mayor Garcetti’s successful City Government 101 program, PBI’s Civic University gives people the tools they need to understand local government and become advocates for their neighborhoods and interests.