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The Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs invests in youth in order to train the next generation of leaders for our communities. Whether in high school or at the university, PBI youth learn about and immerse themselves in public policy by working on policy projects, researching relevant issues and serving in internships.

The Institute has a long history providing programs and services for youth in the Greater Los Angeles Region, including the former Gang and Youth Violence Prevention Interventionist Certificate Training Program. Its success led to the City of Los Angeles to adopt our model for its GRYD (Gang Reduction Youth Development) program.

Today the Institute boasts the following multi-dimensional youth leadership programs.

2016 Asian-American Poll

The poll was conducted in collaboration with Advancing Justice – LA. The survey reveals major differences between younger and older Asian-American voters on social issues and partisanship.

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2016 Latino Poll

The PBI Latino Poll findings provide key insights into Latino voters on issues such as public infrastructure spending, immigration policy, and partisan identification. Of approximately 5.1 million voters in Los Angeles County, an estimated 32% are Latinos.

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African-American Poll

The survey includes 1,148 African-American voters within the City of Los Angeles and 1,211 African Americans outside the City but within Los Angeles County.

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Jewish Poll

The Jewish poll illustrates how Jewish voters civically engage, their political priorities, and what they consider to be the key issues facing Los Angeles.

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