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The Pat Brown Institute invests in our youth, and in developing new leaders for our communities. Whether in high school or in college, PBI youth learn the skills of public policy, develop policy projects on a team basis, and serve internships in public and community-organizations, including at the Institute’s office. Our youth are very much a part of everything we do, playing key roles in our annual dinners, conferences, speaking series, and debates.

Youth Leadership Programs

Youth Enrichment Policy Project (YEPP) - The Youth Enrichment Policy Project (YEPP) combines PBI’s extensive experience with at-risk youth in vulnerable communities with PBI’s strengths as a neutral convener on important and pressing policy issues. YEPP is an innovative public policy education program for high school age students in Boyle Heights and surrounding areas. Over the course of a year, students learn the skills of public policy, develop policy projects on a team basis, and serve internship in public and community organizations.
Student Led Partnerships - The Pat Brown Institute is committed to developing future leaders, which is why we partner with student organizations to bring enriching experiences in the field of public policy. We believe that providing such experiences promotes their professional and personal growth.
International Internships - The Institute is currently partnered with Stanley Prep, a South Korean internship program that places high achieving South Korean undergraduates around the Los Angeles region for a seven week internship.     Here our intern from Hangyang University, Jaehyeok Kim, presents research to his working group on the topic of “How to promote good jobs […]