The California Community Foundation, the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State LA, the SELA Collaborative, and Latino Decisions have developed two pathbreaking surveys to unearth the voices of Southeast Los Angeles (SELA).

The first survey was completed just before the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic hit the United States and provides a portrait of SELA just before the sky fell in. The survey reached 1,017 SELA residents through a mixed mode of cellphone, landline, and Internet interviews. Surveys were conducted in English or Spanish, according to respondent preference, between December 5, 2019 and December 27, 2019. The margin of error is+3.1 percentage points.

The second survey explores how SELA is grappling with the devastating effects of COVID-19. The survey reached 500 SELA residents. It was conducted in both Spanish and English between May 8, 2020 and May 14 2020,  The margin of error is +4.4 percentage points.

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