Photos by David Ng

Public Policy Forums are an integral feature of the Institute’s effort to educate and spur a dialogue between community, industry, and public officials on specific issues. As part of this dynamic program, we have addressed, among other timely topics,  civic participation in Southeast Los Angeles and the current state of presidential power. 

2017 Former UC Irvine Dean
Erwin Chemerinsky Comes
to Cal State LA
- Examining "Presidential Power In An Age Of Uncertainty,” educator and legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky discussed with the campus community how recent and forthcoming presidential executive orders might affect them, their families, and those outside their communities.
2017 The California Endowment
Research and Presentation
- In partnership with The California Endowment, the Institute recruited and worked with researchers to produce reports that addressed key issues of concern for the Boyle Heights neighborhood. Covering topics ranging from healthcare to food justice, the reports were presented to various Boyle Heights community stakeholders.
2016 Participation + Power
A Los Angeles County Strategy Summit
- Panelists and speakers provided recent research on political participation in the county and state. The keynote speaker, Eric Lu, CEO of Citizen University, shared his insight into participation and power. Participants included over 100 elected and civic leaders from the nonprofit, government, and academic sectors.
2016 Distinguished Speaker
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
- Came to Cal State LA for the inaugural event in the Speaker’s Lecture Series. The Speaker used the lecture as a way to engage with students and the broader university community about increasing civic engagement and participation.
2016 Making Sense of DWP Reform - Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) reform was discussed with panelists Marcie Edwards, former General Manager, LADWP, George Kieffer, Civic Alliance and Appointed Charter Reform Commission, and Tony Wilkinson, Neighborhood Council DWP MOU Oversight Committee. The discussion was followed by a Q&A session with the 250 attendees. 
2015 Annual Distinguished Lecturer - The late USC Professor and State Librarian Kevin Starr gave a tailored lecture titled, "Postmodern California: A Pat Brown Perspective," to an audience of community members and Cal State LA students. 
2015 SR-710 North – Extend or Not? - With the debate over the SR710 extension over 50 years old, the Institute’s goal with this event was to discuss the relative merits of the extension and help the public learn about alternatives proposals to help ease traffic gridlock.