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The SELA Initiative
The Southeast Los Angeles County (SELA) Initiative is a multi-year, multi-agency undertaking of community-based and philanthropic visionaries committed to improving the civic engagement culture in the region, among several strategic goals.  One part of the Initiative is the formation of a Southeast Los Angeles Collaborative (SELA Collaborative) of which the Pat Brown Institute is a governing board member.

SELA Collaborative
The SELA Collaborative is a group of stakeholders who have joined together to strengthen Southeast Los Angeles County.  The mission of the SELA Collaborative is to create an infrastructure in the SELA region capable of supporting the non-profit sector and community engagement efforts of community residents and organizations in order to maximize the power of community and more effectively address local issues. By doing so, the Collaborative seeks to foster a community with an informed, engaged, and empowered focus.  ACHIEVE LA, a unique, historic college readiness partnership with YMCA Los Angeles is one example of the Collaborative’s success.  This partnership with Cal State LA provides guaranteed admission to Cal State LA for students participating in the YMCA Los Angeles’s Urban Initiative: Cradle to Career Success.  The YMCA is also a governing board member of the SELA Collaborative (read more).

Summit Series
One of the Institute main contributions to the SELA Initiative is the Summit of Possibilities Series.  The Summit is a partnership between the Institute and the California Community Foundation.  PBI, with years of public policy expertise in Los Angeles County and California, is well-known to the residents and community leaders of Southeast Los Angeles County.  The SELA Collaborative is the civic engagement partner on the Summit series project.

About California Community Foundation
The California Community Foundation (CCF) has served as a public, charitable organization since 1915, empowering donors to pursue their own personal passions and to collaborate with them in addressing the root causes of challenges in Los Angeles County. CCF stewards $1.5 billion in assets and manages nearly 1,600 charitable foundations, funds and legacies.

“We are very proud to have been invited to be part of this milestone effort.” – Dr. Raphael J. Sonenshein, executive director of the Pat Brown Institute.

SELA Transportation:
Critical Choices Ahead – A Summary Report
- The Transportation Summit was built on the premise that sound academic research can inform and empower community stakeholders and illuminate the key decisions that lie ahead for SELA. Helping to frame the conversation for the day, USC Professor Genevieve Giuliano presented her research and analysis of SELA’s transportation system and the area’s socioeconomic profile.
2017 Summit of Possibilities:
People, Community and Progress
- On Thursday, November 9th, over 250 community leaders, public officials, and residents from Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) gathered for the 2017 SELA Transportation Summit: Critical Choices Ahead. SELA, a traditionally overlooked area in Los Angeles County, is set to undergo major transportation-related changes and receive newfound attention in the years ahead. The Summit put a spotlight on the key decisions facing the community, local civic leaders, and policymakers and the ways in which transportation can help to reshape the community at large.
2016 Summit of Possibilities:
People, Community and Progress
- The event presented a historic study, "Central 710 FWY Corridor – An Asset Based Analysis." The research marks the first time in recent years that a look at the positive attributes of these cities has been explored. Following the presentation, a panel of local civic leaders and experts shared their impressions of the report's implications and generated an open dialogue with the audience.