Photos by David Ng

The Pat Brown Institute’s Candidate Debate Program aims to provide a civic education to the general public about elected leaders. Recognizing that debates are a key way in which the public learns about candidates running for public office and pertinent political issues, we have partnered with media organizations, schools, and non-profits to host debates for local, state, and national offices, as well as a candidate debate training program for students.

Candidate Debate Programs

PBI Signature Candidate Debates - The Institute hosts televised candidate debates that are conducted in a non-partisan, objective, and fair manner. These debates are intended to introduce the community-at-large to the candidates’ policy priorities and preferred governing styles.

Student Candidate Debate Training Program - The Pat Brown Institute seeks to advance the all-important mission of engaging youth in politics and developing future leaders by supporting student-led debates with candidates running for office. High school and college students are taught to serve as moderators and panelists.