The Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State LA is dedicated to “unleashing the power of participation.” Our programs motivate young people to be engaged in their communities; raise awareness about timely policy issues; bring public officials closer to their constituents; and support Cal State LA’s mission to serve as an anchor institution for the region. As a university-based center, research informs all of our initiatives.

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Candidate Debates
Engaging with Candidates
The Institute’s Candidate Debate Program aims to provide civic education to the general public about candidates for elected office.
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Civic University
Expanding Civic Engagement
Civic University© (Civic U©) educates members of the community as well as public officials and their staffs about the workings of local government agencies.
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Polling Program
Defining Generational Transformations
The Institute’s polling project explores the social and political orientation of racial and ethnic groups in Los Angeles County.
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Public Programming
Encouraging Meaningful Dialog
The Institute’s Public Policy Program encompasses public policy forums, issue debates, and our signature annual policy conference.
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SELA Initiative
Revitalizing the Landscape
The Initiative seeks to revitalize the landscape of civic engagement in Southeast Los Angeles County (SELA).
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Next Generation Engagement
Developing New Leaders
The Institute invests in youth by developing new leaders in high school and college to become changemakers in their communities.