PBI Civic Quiz

Spotlight on Latina/o Community

Randi Aho & Monserrat Ramirez-Mendoza – QuizMeisters

1. Where was the academic discipline known as Chicano Studies founded?


2. Which of the following is true of American civil rights activist Dolores Huerta?


3. According to a recent survey released by the Pat Brown Institute at Cal State LA, which of the following remains the top issue among the Los Angeles Latina/o community?


4. Who is Patricia Guerrero?


5. Which of the following Latina/o representatives was the youngest person to serve as Los Angeles City Council President?


Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs

A nonpartisan, presidentially-chartered public affairs institute dedicated to social justice, equity, enlightened civic engagement, and an enhanced quality of life for all Californians.


California born and bred, a multidisciplinary, integrated national professional services firm that has been at the epicenter of Golden State government for over 50 years.

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