PBI Civic Quiz

The 2020 Whirlwind

Dr. Max Baumgarten and Randi Aho – QuizMeisters

1. Which governmental body ultimately decides which groups are prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine?


2. On January 15, 2020, articles of impeachment against President Trump were formally presented by the House of Representatives to the US Senate. What were the charges?


3. The 2020 general election was the first time that every active registered voter in California received a vote-by-mail ballot. How was this action authorized?


4. In November 2020, Los Angeles County voters approved Measure J, which called for:


5. Project Roomkey is a joint response to COVID-19 by the state, LA County, and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Project Roomkey provides:


6. In the California Legislature, Assembly Bill 1460 was proposed to require incoming California State University students to take an ethnic studies course. What happened to the bill?


7. In 2020, several legislative actions were proposed in California to address social and racial injustice. Which of the following bills was signed into law?


8. The 2020 Census included which of the following changes to the questionnaire?


9. Several US House Members from California are being considered for federal government posts and for positions that may open up in California state government. If they were to leave office, who would act to fill their seats?


10. Voters decided on 12 ballot propositions in the 2020 general election, five of which passed. Which of the following measures passed?


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