PBI Civic Quiz

Labor Day Edition

Dr. Max Baumgarten and Randi Aho – QuizMeisters

1. Which president declared Labor Day a national holiday?


2. Which Los Angeles County Supervisor previously served as the United States Secretary of Labor?


3. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which state has the highest percentage of union members among employed residents?


4. Which of the following is correct regarding California’s 2016 minimum wage bill?


5. When signed into law by Governor Pat Brown in 1959, the California Fair Employment Practices Act barred businesses from discriminating against employees based on which of the following?


Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs

A nonpartisan, presidentially-chartered public affairs institute dedicated to social justice, equity, enlightened civic engagement, and an enhanced quality of life for all Californians.


California born and bred, a multidisciplinary, integrated national professional services firm that has been at the epicenter of Golden State government for over 50 years.

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