Adam Nagourney is Los Angeles Bureau Chief, New York Times.

Nagourney (@adamnagourney) will participate as a panelist in our November 15th post-election conference, Election 2018: It’s On! at Cal State LA.*

The Pat Brown Institute spoke with Adam about covering the 2018 election and what he is looking look for on Tuesday, November 6th.

PBI: How is covering the 2018 midterm elections different than covering previous elections?

AN:  So in most midterm elections, you cast around, struggling to look for some common theme or themes to unify all of the races. The idea is that it makes it easier to write about – and to understand. And more often than not, it is a false construct. Not this time. I think this contest is ALL about Trump. That is the way to analyze it and write about it.

PBI: What kind of election-related stories are generating the most interest among your readers?

AN: It’s even more horserace than usual. Who is ahead? Can Democrats win traditionally Republican California districts? Will they take over the House?

PBI: As a journalist, what are you going to be watching for on election day?

AN: I am going to keep my eye on a few storylines. Democrat v. Republican intensity in a midterm. Do women voters break against Republicans? What happens to independent voters? Do young voters finally turn out? Do Latino voters come out in large numbers? And what can we learn from this election about 2020?


*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.