Photos by David Ng

On August 28, the Institute took its Civic University – Introductory Program to Los Angeles City Hall for a lesson tailored for the L.A. City family. Over 200 people attended the morning-long  workshop, including representatives from the office of the Mayor, the City Council, the City Controller, and various City Commissioners.

The workshop addressed four main questions:

  1. What’s the relationship among the mayor, the city council and other power centers at city hall? How L.A. City operates in a fragmented county with many governments?
  2. How can members of the City family staff best relate and interact with various communities and their interests?
  3. How can community best relate to the City?
  4. The event also allowed for guests to network with their city colleagues.

The Pat Brown Institute would like to thank Deputy Mayor Ana Guerrero and the Department for Neighborhood Empowerment for their roles in organizing this event.