The Pat Brown Institute 2018 Annual Dinner took place on April 26, 2018 at the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles. Read more about the dinner here.

Emiliana Guereca

Emiliana Guereca

Emiliana is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA, with a passion for giving back to the community. Along with being an award-winning event producer, Emiliana devotes much of her time to advocacy programs for women’s rights, Latino education, and gender equality. As a stellar community organizer, Emiliana brings her 10+ plus years of event experience to Women’s March LA. In 2016, Emiliana founded the Women’s March LA Foundation, a non-profit organization, and is the driving force behind the official Women’s March in Los Angeles.

Since January, Emiliana has become extremely involved in activism, both on a local and national level, and has served as the bridge between many organizations to combine forces in the Summer of Resistance. Emi has spoken to numerous groups, including The League of Women Voters, Cal State Los Angeles, USC, UCLA, and was a panelist at 2017 Politicon, the HOPE Conference, and Hispanas Organize for Equality. Emiliana is currently a contributor for Huffington Post.

A first-generation Mexican-American, entrepreneur, and mother of two boys, Guereca now sees a steady flow of activists and members of the community passing in and out of her front door while the phone rings off the hook. In fact, she has turned her home into a center for political action.

Honorees Emiliana Guereca and Deena Katz: Women’s March LA Founders Preview the 2018 Event from KTLA